Stageworks E-Learning is proud to launch for students in the Leduc Area should there be a need in our community.

Stageworks E-Learning Centre

Stageworks E-Learning Centre combines the connection of the educational classroom and a performing arts studio.
We are facilitating a safe place for students to do their schoolwork while . . .
1. Connecting with other students safely.
2. Providing a performing arts and physical extra curricular activity.
3. Tutoring service available.
4. Ensuring safety while you are at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking jobs away from teachers?

S.E.C. is not taking jobs away from teachers. We are partnering with the teachers to assist in ensuring that students are getting the best education possible.
S.E.C. will not be teaching classes, but only work with students who are already registered with their school for an at home education.

Is your tutor a certified Teacher?

S.E.C. has an educational professional to help with tutoring if required.
The tutor will be only be assisting students when they request the help. They do not take the place of the teacher but may help to engage students in their lessons.

What is your COVID PROTOCOL?

S.E.C. has an extensive protocol as advised by AHS and through consultation with Health Care Professionals.
Each studio is equipped with spacing restrictions, daily tracking and tracing, hand sanitizer and wipes, and floor disinfecting.
Each child and supervisor coming and going will be required to wear masks, but when learning online with their teachers, will not be required to wear masks.

What kind of additional activities are available?

S.E.C. will allot time throughout the day to participate in some really awesome physical activities and arts activities such as:
Outside sports, in studio dancing, theatre classes and improv exercises, art and music lessons.

Are you providing food?

S.E.C. will not supply food for the students.
Allergies and food sensitivities are too difficult to navigate around and therefore each student will bring their own snacks and lunches.
However, S.E.C. will be working with local food suppliers and have a hot lunch program, should students wish to participate.

Will you be open during PD Days?

Yes, the beauty of the Stageworks E-Learning Centre is that we won't be closing for typically PD Days, so the kids will still come to the Camp and we will have a day full of different activities.

Stageworks E-Learning Centre is accepting 30 students from Grade 2 - Grade 8. Students must provide their own laptop or chrome book and headphones. Students must also bring 2 snacks and a bagged lunch. (microwave unavailable)